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With his team coasting toward a berth in the NFC championship game, Donovan McNabb picked up a phone on the New York Giants sideline after running out of bounds and had a brief, fake conversation before getting flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Philadelphia Eagles were leading the defending Super Bowl champions by a score of 23-11 with 3:07 remaining in the game when McNabb grabbed the phone. He had been chased to the Giants sideline by linebacker Chase Blackburn after a gain of 8 yards and ran directly over to a small table, picked up one of the phones that connects the sideline with the coaching booth and pretended like he was engaging in a brief chat.

"Hello, information? Yes, I was wondering if the NFC championship game can end in a tie?"

Late-game unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are nothing new to McNabb. When he was a junior at Syracuse in 1996, the quarterback drew a flag during a nationally televised contest against Army after saluting the corps of cadets following a touchdown.

After the game, FOX's Chris Myers asked McNabb about the move. He acknowledged that he shouldn't do such things, but stopped short of apologizing. Instead, he blamed his antics on over-excitement.

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