2008 Football Recruiting Rankings

National Rankings

National Position Rankings Last Update
Rivals.com pro-style quarterbacks 20081/16/08
Rivals.com dual-threat quarterbacks 20081/16/08
Rivals.com all-purpose backs 20081/16/08
Rivals.com running backs 20081/16/08
Rivals.com fullbacks 20081/16/08
Rivals.com wide receivers 20081/16/08
Rivals.com tight ends 20081/16/08
Rivals.com offensive guards 20081/17/08
Rivals.com offensive centers 20081/17/08
Rivals.com offensive tackles 20081/17/08
Rivals.com defensive tackles 20081/17/08
Rivals.com weakside defensive ends 20081/17/08
Rivals.com strongside defensive ends 20081/17/08
Rivals.com outside linebackers 20081/17/08
Rivals.com inside linebackers 20081/17/08
Rivals.com cornerbacks 20081/22/08
Rivals.com safeties 20081/19/08
Rivals.com kickers 20081/17/08
Rivals.com athletes 20081/18/08
Quarterback RankingsLast Update
QB Rankings: Strongest arm1/31/08
QB Rankings: Most accurate1/31/08
QB Rankings: Best scrambler1/31/08
Running Back RankingsLast Update
RB Rankings: Home-run threat1/31/08
RB Rankings: Best inside runner1/31/08
RB Rankings: Best in space1/31/08
RB Rankings: Best downhill runner1/31/08
Wide Receiver RankingsLast Update
WR Rankings: Deep threat1/31/08
WR Rankings: Best hands1/31/08
WR Rankings: Best after the catch1/31/08
Tight End RankingsLast Update
TE Rankings: Fastest1/31/08
TE Rankings: Best athlete1/31/08
TE Rankings: Best hands1/31/08
Offensive Line RankingsLast Update
OL Rankings: Best run blocker1/31/08
OL Rankings: Best pass blocker2/4/08
OL Rankings: Strongest1/31/08
OL Rankings: Most agile1/31/08
OL Rankings: Best athlete1/31/08
Defensive Tackle RankingsLast Update
DT Rankings: Quickest1/31/08
DT Rankings: Strongest1/31/08
DT Rankings: Best athlete1/31/08
DT Rankings: Best run stuffer1/31/08
DT Rankings: Best pass rusher1/31/08
Defensive End RankingsLast Update
DE Rankings: Strongest1/31/08
DE Rankings: Best against the run1/31/08
DE Rankings: Best pass rusher8/28/07
DE Rankings: Quickest first step2/2/08
Linebacker RankingsLast Update
LB Rankings: Best instincts1/31/08
LB Rankings: Best run stopper1/31/08
LB Rankings: Best closing speed1/31/08
LB Rankings: Best athlete1/31/08
Defensive Back RankingsLast Update
CB Rankings: Fastest1/31/08
CB Rankings; Best ball skills1/31/08
CB Rankings: Best coverage skills1/31/08
CB Rankings: Most physical1/31/08
CB Rankings: Best athlete1/31/08
Safety Rankings: Fastest1/31/08
Safety Rankings: Best ball skills1/31/08
Safety Rankings: Best coverage skills1/31/08
Safety Rankings: Hardest hitter1/31/08
Kicker RankingsLast Update
Kicker Rankings: Strongest leg1/31/08
Kicker Rankings: Most accurate1/31/08
Athlete RankingsLast Update
Athlete Rankings: Fastest1/31/08
Athlete Rankings: Most athletic1/31/08
Athlete Rankings: Best ball skills1/31/08
Athlete Rankings: Best jumbo athlete1/31/08
Atlantic EastLast Update
Rivals.com Connecticut Top 10 20081/18/08
Rivals.com Delaware Top 5 20081/18/08
Rivals.com District of Columbia Top 5 20081/18/08
Rivals.com Maryland Top 20 20081/18/08
Rivals.com Massachusetts Top 10 20081/18/08
Rivals.com New Jersey Top 30 20081/18/08
Rivals.com New York Top 10 20081/22/08
Rivals.com North Carolina Top 30 20081/28/08
Rivals.com Pennsylvania Top 40 20081/18/08
Rivals.com Virginia Top 30 20081/22/08
Rivals.com West Virginia Top 5 20081/22/08
SoutheastLast Update
Rivals.com Alabama Top 35 20081/22/08
Rivals.com Arkansas Top 15 20081/25/08
Rivals.com Florida Top 100 20081/28/15
Rivals.com Georgia Top 50 20081/30/15
Rivals.com Kentucky Top 10 20081/25/08
Rivals.com Louisiana Top 40 20081/24/08
Rivals.com Mississippi Top 25 20081/23/08
Rivals.com South Carolina Top 25 20081/29/08
Rivals.com Tennessee Top 20 20081/29/08
MidwestLast Update
Rivals.com Illinois Top 30 20081/24/08
Rivals.com Indiana Top 15 20081/21/08
Rivals.com Michigan Top 30 20081/24/08
Rivals.com Minnesota top 10 20081/30/08
Rivals.com Ohio top 50 20081/28/08
Rivals.com Wisconsin Top 10 20081/21/08
MidlandsLast Update
Rivals.com Colorado top 15 20081/30/08
Rivals.com Iowa Top 10 20081/21/08
Rivals.com Kansas Top 15 20081/21/08
Rivals.com Missouri Top 20 20081/25/08
Rivals.com Nebraska Top 10 20081/23/08
Rivals.com Oklahoma Top 25 20081/23/08
Rivals.com Texas Top 100 20081/21/08
WestLast Update
Rivals.com Arizona Top 25 20081/21/08
Rivals.com California Top 100 20081/29/08
Rivals.com Hawaii Top 15 20081/23/08
Rivals.com Idaho Top 5 20081/28/08
Rivals.com Nevada Top 15 20081/25/08
Rivals.com New Mexico Top 5 20081/28/08
Rivals.com Oregon Top 10 20081/21/08
Rivals.com Utah Top 10 20081/23/08
Rivals.com Washington top 25 20081/30/08