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Sport: Football; Year: 2003; Hometown: Washington; State: District of Columbia
TEVernon DavisWashington, District of ColumbiaDunbar6'4"2204.54 starsN/A4
LBKory GedinWashington, District of ColumbiaGonzaga6'2"2334.64 starsN/A15
DTConrad BolstonWashington, District of ColumbiaSt. John's College High6'4"2654.93 starsN/A32
DBReggie McCoyWashington, District of ColumbiaDematha6'1"1894.53 starsN/A51
DBRoland MinorWashington, District of ColumbiaH. D. Woodson6'1"1774.42 starsN/AN/A
OLJustin AderholdWashington, District of ColumbiaDunbar6'5"265N/A2 starsN/AN/A
QBThoedore JeffersonWashington, District of ColumbiaFort Union Military Academy6'6"202N/A2 starsN/AN/A
DBVaughn MansfieldWashington, District of ColumbiaHargrave Military Academy6'3"190N/A2 starsN/AN/A
DBTerick ThomasWashington, District of ColumbiaH. D. Woodson5'10"165N/A2 starsN/AN/A
RBRichard FitzhughWashington, District of ColumbiaH. D. Woodson6'0"1904.42 starsN/AN/A
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  • Georgia Tech (medium)
  • Maryland (medium)
  • North Carolina (medium)
  • North Carolina State (medium)
  • Virginia Tech (medium)
LBJamie DonovanWashington, District of ColumbiaSidwell Friends6'1"2154.62 starsN/AN/A
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  • Arizona (medium)
  • Michigan (medium)
  • Notre Dame (medium)
  • Virginia (medium)