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There are few more opinionated persons in sports than UFC president Dana White.

White has been a primary influence in the UFC's surge in popularity and in the rise of mixed martial arts to the mainstream.

The outspoken and frequently controversial White will be at the disposal of Yahoo! Sports readers next week by answering your questions.

Send your questions on any topic about the UFC to me and I'll forward them to White. His answers will appear on Tuesday.
You may want to ask him about some of the fighters who are competing on UFC 74. Or perhaps you want to know what he plans to do with the Pride Fighting Championship. Or maybe you'd like to ask him his thoughts on the steroids problem in MMA.

Whatever your interests, anything is fair game for White as long as it's about the UFC in specific or MMA in general.

Shoot us an email at  I'll pick the best out and forward to White. His appears will appear here on Tuesday.

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