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Sport: Football; Year: 2015; Hometown: Detroit; State: Michigan
RBMike WeberDetroit, MichiganCass Tech5'10"2054.54 stars6.07
DEJoshua AlabiDetroit, MichiganCass Tech6'4"300N/A3 stars5.724
OLKyonta StallworthDetroit, MichiganMartin Luther King6'4"270N/A4 stars5.824
LBTyriq ThompsonDetroit, MichiganMartin Luther King6'1"215N/A3 stars5.733
LBMichael OliverDetroit, MichiganCass Tech6'0"2334.62 stars5.3N/A
LBPaul EngramDetroit, MichiganLoyola6'0"230N/A2 stars5.3N/A
ATHAnton CurtisDetroit, MichiganEast English Village6'1"175N/A2 stars5.4N/A
RBRomello RossDetroit, MichiganWestern International5'11"180N/A2 stars5.4N/A
WRDeShawn FosterDetroit, MichiganMumford5'11"196N/AN/AN/A
DBJohn DozierDetroit, MichiganNorthwestern6'0"187N/AN/AN/A
QBJayru CampbellDetroit, MichiganCass Tech6'3"187N/AN/AN/A
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  • Alabama (none)
  • Florida (none)
  • Florida State (none)
  • Michigan (none)
  • Michigan State (none)
  • Nebraska (none)
  • Notre Dame (none)
  • Ohio State (none)
  • Penn State (none)
  • UCLA (none)
  • Vanderbilt (none)
  • Wisconsin (none)
WRMalik WhiteheadDetroit, MichiganDenby5'11"1754.5N/AN/A
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  • Central Michigan (medium)
  • Eastern Michigan (medium)
  • Michigan (medium)
  • Michigan State (medium)
  • Western Michigan (medium)
WRCameron LewisDetroit, MichiganConsortium College Prep6'0"170N/A2 stars5.4N/A
QBRyan BrandDetroit, MichiganUniversity of Detroit Jesuit High5'9"185N/A2 stars5.4N/A
OLEric MartinDetroit, MichiganMartin Luther King6'4"290N/AN/AN/A
LBCaldin RogersDetroit, MichiganMartin Luther King6'4"210N/AN/AN/A
LBKeith JonesDetroit, MichiganCass Tech6'1"235N/AN/AN/A
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  • Indiana (medium)
  • Michigan (medium)
  • Michigan State (medium)
ATHKeshawn GilmoreDetroit, MichiganCass Tech6'2"190N/AN/AN/A
DBTravis TidwellDetroit, MichiganRenaissanceN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
DEJacob MillerDetroit, MichiganNorthwestern6'6"2205.0N/AN/A
LBNapoleon McCantsDetroit, MichiganRenaissance5'11"205N/AN/AN/A
DBMalik JenningsDetroit, MichiganMartin Luther King6'3"180N/AN/AN/A
DEDante HollisDetroit, MichiganMartin Luther KingN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
RBMarvin CampbellDetroit, MichiganLoyola5'8"200N/AN/AN/A
WRNevarrio DavisDetroit, MichiganMumford6'2"175N/AN/AN/A
LBAndre GregoryDetroit, MichiganCass Tech6'2"226N/AN/AN/A
DBSheldon DossDetroit, MichiganUniversity of Detroit Jesuit High6'1"1904.5N/AN/A
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  • Bowling Green (medium)
  • Cincinnati (medium)
  • Indiana (medium)
  • Kentucky (medium)
  • Michigan State (medium)
QBMonti StewartDetroit, MichiganMumford5'10"198N/AN/AN/A
OLOrlando CarterDetroit, MichiganCass TechN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
WRKameron PleasantDetroit, MichiganMumford6'0"175N/AN/AN/A
LBArmani DavisDetroit, MichiganMartin Luther King5'11"205N/AN/AN/A
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  • Michigan (medium)
  • Michigan State (medium)