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Rank Name Pos Location Stars Ht Wt School
#1Woodny TurenneDB
Visalia, CACollege of the Sequoias

Lockdown cover corner with size and speed.

5 stars6'2"190Louisville
#2Mike ReedLB
Marysville, CAYuba C.C.

Was offered by Oklahoma last spring.

5 stars6'4"245Oklahoma
#3Kenny O'NealWR
San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco

Gets a second chance at stardom at Tennessee.

5 stars6'0"195Tennessee
#4Michael RicksDB
Booneville, MSNortheast Mississippi C.C.

A future NFL player that is the best in Mississippi.

4 stars6'2"195Alabama
#5Gary ChandlerDB
Coffeyville, KSCoffeyville C.C.

Best player in the loaded Kansas jucos.

4 stars5'11"186Kansas St.
#6Jarius WynnDT
Milledgeville, GAGeorgia Military

Known as one of the nation's best pass rushers.

4 stars6'5"275Georgia
#7William TukuafuDE
Mesa, AZMesa C.C.

Destroys blcokers that try to get in his way.

4 stars6'5"275Oregon
#8P.T. GatesRB
Mission Viejo, CASaddleback C.C.

Combines strength and speed in a good package.

4 stars5'11"195Colorado
#9Larry AsanteDB
Coffeyville, KSCoffeyville C.C.

Blowing up for one of the nation's best defenses.

4 stars6'1"205Nebraska
#10Zac LeeQB
San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco

Will bring a new threat to NU's offense - his ability to run.

4 stars6'2"200Nebraska
#11A.J. JacksonWR
Visalia, CACollege of the Sequoias

Tall receiver will cause major match-up problems.

4 stars6'6"220Mississippi
#12Nevin McKenzieDB
Athens, TXTrinity Valley C.C.

As a sophomore, proved he was one of the nation's top defenders.

4 stars6'2"210Tennessee
#13Co-Eric RileyWR
Lucedale, MSGulf Coast C.C.

A much needed playmaker heading to Mississippi State.

4 stars6'2"205Mississippi St.
#14Brian EllisLB
Visalia, CACollege of the Sequoias

A headhunter at linebacker.

4 stars6'3"240Purdue
#15J.J. BassRB
Torrance, CAEl Camino C.C.

A rushing and a receiving threat in the backfield.

4 stars6'1"210Iowa St.
#16Andy MaplesDT
Visalia, CACollege of the Sequoias

A powerful run stopper that should be ready to go right away.

4 stars6'3"300Missouri
#17Dion GalesDE
Lucedale, MSGulf Coast C.C.

Quick off the edge but can also play the run.

4 stars6'6"275Troy
#18Austin PanterLB
El Dorado, KSButler County C.C.

Coach calls him one of the biggest surprises this season.

4 stars6'3"240Michigan
#19Alex CookLB
Brenham, TXBlinn C.C.

A quarterback's worst nightmare.

4 stars6'3"225California
#20Phil LoadholtOL
Garden City, KSGarden City C.C.

Another year of juco ball makes him even better than before.

4 stars6'9"360Oklahoma
#21Armando MurilloDB
Thatcher, AZEastern Arizona J.C.

A super lockdown corner that is one of the nation's best.

4 stars6'0"195Nebraska
#22Luis VasquezDE
Yuma, AZArizona Western C.C.

Led the nation in sacks as a freshman.

4 stars6'3"250Arizona St.
#23Terence ScottWR
Valencia, CACollege of the Canyons

In 2005, had 47 receptions for 1,048 yards and nine touchdowns.

4 stars6'0"180Oregon
#24Michael JordanDE
Thatcher, AZEastern Arizona J.C.

Could grow into a tackle, too.

4 stars6'6"300Michigan St.
#25Demetrius ByrdWR
Poplarville, MSPearl River C.C.

Great burst allows him to get off line quickly.

4 stars6'2"195LSU
#26Vuna TuihalamakaLB
Torrance, CAEl Camino C.C.

A great nose for the football.

4 stars6'1"220Arizona
#27Tommie DuhartDT
Coffeyville, KSCoffeyville C.C.

Has the speed to play outside but the toughness to be inside.

4 stars6'2"275Pittsburgh
#28Anthony FeinLB
Scottsdale, AZScottsdale C.C.

When motor is on, he's tough to stop.

4 stars6'3"245Mississippi
#29Kayne FarquharsonWR
El Camino, CAEl Camino C.C.

Explosive after the catch.

6'2"185Miami (FL)
#30Joseph TownsendDT
Los Altos Hills, CAFoothill College

Hard-nosed interrior lineman that is tough to block.

4 stars6'4"295Nebraska
#31Tonga TeaDT
Ephraim, UTSnow College

Maybe the most overlooked defender in the nation.

4 stars6'0"315Oklahoma St.
#32Ellis LanksterDB
Ellisville, MSJones County J.C.

One of the best lockdown corners in the juco ranks.

4 stars5'10"195West Virginia
#33Corvey IrvinDE
Milledgeville, GAGeorgia Military College

A strong pass rusher with a good frame.

4 stars6'4"275Georgia
#34Chris PattersonLB
Joliet, ILJoliet J.C.

Should finally make it somewhere on the D-I level this year.

4 stars6'3"220Kansas St.
#35Antoine HolmesDE
Scranton, PALackawanna College

N.C. State got a good one here.

4 stars6'4"270N.C. State
#36Kevin DixonDT
Garden City, KSGarden City C.C.

First-team all-Jayhawk Conference honors.

4 stars6'3"292Nebraska
#37Terry MixonDB
El Cajon, CAGrossmont C.C.

A strong safety with hard-hitting and coverage ability.

4 stars6'1"200Washington St.
#38DeAngelo WillinghamDB
Palm Desert, CACollege of the Desert

Pushing his way up the charts after good season.

4 stars6'0"205Tennessee
#39Schneider JulienWR
Los Altos, CAFoothill C.C.

One of the best WRs in the NorCal jucos.

3 stars5'10"180W. Michigan
#40Shukree BarfieldDT
Garden City, KSGarden City C.C.

Much better at getting to QB as a sophomore.

3 stars6'4"310Nebraska
#41Julius GrayOL
Poplarville, MSPearl River C.C.

Strong enough for a guard, but also nimble enough for tackle.

3 stars6'4"325Southern Miss
#42Larry FreemanWR
Poplarville, MSPearl River C.C.

Caught more than 50 passes for 800 yards and eight touchdowns in 2005.

3 stars6'2"205South Carolina
#43Bryan WaggenerQB
Glendora, CACitrus C.C.

Committed early to the Florida Gators.

3 stars6'4"230Florida
#44Jonathan WilliamsDT
Moorhead, MSMississippi Delta C.C.

Switched to South Carolina.

3 stars6'4"275South Carolina
#45Willie WilliamsLB
Culver City, CAWest Los Angeles C.C.

Will Willie make it out this time?

3 stars6'3"232Louisville
#46Drew HudginsDE
Highland, KSHighland C.C.

The top recruit out of Highland in years.

3 stars6'5"240Colorado
#47Brian CoulterDE
Poplarville, MSPearl River C.C.

Models his game after Carolina Panthers standout Julius Peppers.

3 stars6'4"255Florida St.
#48Gene AndersonDB
Poplarville, MSPearl River C.C.

A true strong safety prospect.

3 stars6'1"208Southern Miss
#49Brent KeasterTE
Visalia, CACollege of the Sequoias

New wave TE that can also split out wide.

3 stars6'5"255Nevada
#50Ako PotiOL
San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco

One of the team leaders for a great CCSF team.

3 stars6'5"300Penn St.
#51Patrick ResbyDB
Corsicana, TXNavarro J.C.

One of the top players in the Texas jucos.

3 stars6'2"195Kansas
#52Vaughn LesumaOL
San Jacinto, CAMount San Jacinto C.C.

Guard or tackle, it doesn't matter, he's good.

3 stars6'5"340Washington St.
#53David RichmondWR
Santa Ana, CASanta Ana C.C.

Tall playmaking receiver.

3 stars6'4"200San Jose St.
#54Sam PopeDB
Summit, MSSouthwest Mississippi C.C.

Another good get for the Gamecocks.

3 stars6'1"200South Carolina
#55Allen BellDB
Independence, KSIndependence C.C.

One of the bright spots this season for Independence.

3 stars6'2"190Iowa St.
#56Jesse BowmanDT
Wesson, MSCopiah-Lincoln C.C.

A tough run stopper.

3 stars6'1"335Mississippi St.
#57Levi MackOL
Thatcher, AZEastern Arizona J.C.

BYU got the early commitment from him.

3 stars6'5"315BYU
#58Joe BlaesOL
Coffeyville, KSCoffeyville C.C.

Tough as nails blocker that plays with a big heart.

3 stars6'2"290Iowa St.
#59Devin BishopLB
San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco

One of the hardest hitters in California.

3 stars6'2"225California
#60Marquis HundleyDB
Santa Rosa, CASanta Rosa J.C.

Speedy defensive back that rates as one of California's best.

3 stars6'0"185Arizona
#61Daniel DufreneRB
Visalia, CACollege of the Sequoias

One of the most explosive juco rushers in the nation.

3 stars5'11"205Illinois
#62Gerald ParkerOL
Compton, CACompton C.C.

Huge athletic lineman with great potential.

3 stars6'7"285Oregon St.
#63Scott HaverkampOL
El Dorado, KSButler County C.C.

Bounce back from Kansas has become one of Butler C.C.'s top recruits.

3 stars6'5"298Georgia
#64Sharrod DavisDB
El Cajon, CAGrossmont C.C.

Another elite coverman from California.

3 stars6'0"180Fresno St.
#65Damilyn TannerDB
Torrance, CAEl Camino C.C.

Another top-knotch defensive back from California.

3 stars5'11"185Utah
#66De'Shon SandersDB
San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco

A hybrib corner-safety that is the best prospect on a good City College team.

3 stars6'2"205Texas Tech
#67Deon MurphyATH
Coffeyville, KSCoffeyville C.C.

A deadly kickoff and punt returner, also blew up in the bowl game.

3 stars5'10"165Kansas St.
#68Eric RansomRB
Athens, TXTrinity Valley C.C.

Best back coming out of Texas jucos.

3 stars5'10"185Bowling Green
#69Chet HartleyOL
El Dorado, KSButler County C.C.

Late season play pushed him way up the rankings.

3 stars6'4"310Kansas
#70Magnum MaugaDT
El Cajon, CAGrossmont C.C.

An early BYU commit that has great potential.

3 stars6'0"270list
#71Alesana AlesanaOL
San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco

Signed early with Kansas State.

3 stars6'6"318Kansas St.
#72Nerraw McCormackOL
Garden City, NYNassau C.C.

Penn State hardly recruits jucos, but got a good one here.

3 stars6'5"290Penn St.
#73Tyler LorenzenQB
San Marcos, CAPalomar C.C.

Big, physical and fast quarterback.

3 stars6'5"225Connecticut
#74Vince VanceOL
Milledgeville, GAGeorgia Military College

Mountain of a man that will be a good one for UGA.

3 stars6'7"300Georgia
#75Leon FreemanLB
Mesa, AZMesa C.C.

Spent three years in the Army, serving in the Middle East, had 60 plus tackles in 2005.

3 stars6'2"235Baylor
#76Cade CooperQB
Ephraim, UTSnow College

The best QB at Snow since Josh Heuepel.

3 stars6'3"195BYU
#77Chaz ThompsonDB
Weed, CACollege of the Siskiyous

The Cards get a sticky coverman.

3 stars6'1"195Louisville
#78LeRico MathisDB
Perkinston, MSGulf Coast C.C.

Another coverman from Mississippi.

3 stars6'0"185Memphis
#79Matt AsiataRB
Ephraim, UTSnow College

A punishing running back.

3 stars6'0"232Utah
#80Ernie PierceWR
Santa Barbara, CASanta Barbara C.C.

Best player to come out of a down program in years.

3 stars6'4"215Kansas St.
#81Steven BlackWR
Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C.

Louisville gets a nice target.

3 stars6'3"208Memphis
#82Brandon BarnettRB
El Dorado, KSButler County C.C.

Explosive rusher heading to Arkansas.

3 stars5'9"205Arkansas
#83Jarrell HolmanDB
Phoenix, AZPhoenix C.C.

Dennis Erickson got a good one with him.

3 stars6'0"190Arizona St.
#84Dan FosterLB
Thatcher, AZEastern Arizona J.C.

Heading back to Florida State after signing in high school.

3 stars6'1"226list
#85Devin FrischknechtTE
Ephraim, UTSnow College

Washington State has big plans for him.

3 stars6'2"230Washington St.
#86Walner LeandreDB
Brenham, TXBlinn C.C.

The Hawgs got a big time steal.

3 stars6'1"215Arkansas
#87Durrell Clark- JamesDB
San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco

Minnesota rarely recruits jucos, but liked this kid a lot.

3 stars6'0"195Minnesota
#88Ray HisatakeDT
San Mateo, CACollege of San Mateo

Hard to block because of his huge size.

3 stars6'4"320Hawaii
#89Kendrick HarperDB
El Dorado, KSButler County C.C.

Could play early for Kansas.

3 stars5'10"187Kansas
#90Jon IoaneOL
Santa Ana, CASanta Ana C.C.

Long arms and great frame make him one of nation's best.

3 stars6'5"325Oregon St.
#91Kennard BurtonWR
Dodge City, KSDodge City C.C.

Smallish receiver that is explosive with the ball in his hands.

3 stars5'9"175Troy
#92Eric TannerDE
Phoenix, AZPhoenix C.C.

A great signing day switch to ASU.

3 stars6'2"260Arizona St.
#93Eldridge SimsOL
Compton, CACompton C.C.

A lean frame and is a nice pass blocker.

3 stars6'6"288Kansas St.
#94Jess BeetsOL
Mission Viejo, CASaddleback C.C.

Heading to Colorado and could play early.

3 stars6'3"280Kentucky
#95Josh BroughtonDB
Glendora, CACitrus C.C.

Utah is getting a lockdown coverman.

3 stars6'0"200Utah
#96Jimmie HolmesDE
Moorhead, MSMississippi Delta C.C.

Mississippi State getting a good pass rusher.

3 stars6'3"227Mississippi St.
#97Mark Jean-LewisOL
Cerritos, CACerritos C.C.

An interrior OL that should help Ole Miss.

3 stars6'2"325Mississippi
#98Michael GrecoQB
Poplarville, MSPearl River C.C.

A bounce back from N.C. State is a true dual threat.

3 stars6'3"220UCF
#99Chad ManisQB
Cerritos, CACerritos C.C.

Will have the ability to be a long-time impact guy for Utah.

3 stars6'5"215Utah
#100Frank SummersRB
Oakland, CALaney C.C.

UNLV fans will love his tough running style.

3 stars5'11"245UNLV